God is ready to heal your broken-heart but you need to give Him all the pieces. You cannot trust God halfway, you need to trust Him all the way. And every piece of our brokenhearted needs to be surrendered to God for total healing.

Psalms 34:18, 147:3

Healing is a process and it usually takes time. Psalms 147:3, paints a picture of God’s Healing hands completing the process of healing in our heart. So today if your heart is a million pieces, maybe nobody around you even knows what you are going through… I think the question is, will you choose to trust God with the broken pieces of your heart. Because it might not have been your choice that your heart is broken, but now that you are in a place where your life wasn’t intended to be, you now have a choice of what you will do from here onwards.

Choices to make with heart-break

When God was speaking to Israel people He actually gave them a choice, to choose life or death.. But He went ahead and gave them the answer to choose life because He is the best teacher.

a. Recognize or Rationalize.

Many people are suffering from heartbreak but when you encounter them and ask how they are, they will say am good but in realities they are hiding their feelings. Because they think, when avoiding problems, they will be able to get rid of that problem. Avoiding something doesn’t actually means it will stop that something to be there. The right thing to do is actually to face your problem and go through it. You see if you never healed from what hurts you, you will bleed on people who never cut you. Rationalize is defending something that hurts you. Yeah, I cut myself because I was playing with a knife… What is that… Instead of you handling it and accepting it, you are feeling that you deserve that hurt, cut or pain.

CHOOSE TO RECOGNIZE that you have pain.

b. Resolve or resign.

Resolve is a firm commitment to a chosen path, that you look at the path before your healing that God has put in from of you. That am going to choose to stick with it even if I don’t see things changing over a night. Complete healing is not a quick fix, it’s choosing to trust God no matter what as He thoroughly heals your heart.


c. Rebuild or React.

One of the greatest mistakes people make is that they get out of one relationship and their heart is broken and the immediate reaction is let me get into another relationship. That means you are reacting and not rebuilding. That’s means you will be going to drama to drama to drama, pain to pain to pain, trial to trial to trial. If you get out of relationship, restrict yourself, let yourself heals and take some time to rebuild yourself. Like going back to God’s word. Proverbs 4:23.


d. Restore or Relapse.

You have a choice to entrust your life to the hands of God, that even when you don’t see Him binding your wounds, you trust Him He is doing what He promised. Or you can choose to trust yourself with the pieces of your brokenhearted, try to pull things together and fall back in the pit again and again, relapsing back to your previous circumstance over and over again.



Don’t let the person who didn’t love you stop you from meeting the person who will love you.



Today if your heart is in a million broken pieces, maybe nobody around you even know what you are going through but before coming to any decision ask yourself this question; Will you trust God with the broken pieces of your heart?

It might not be your choice that your heart is broken, now you are in a place where your life never intended to be; you now have a choice of what you will do from here forward.

You see, complete healing from a broken heart is not a quick fix; complete healing is choosing to trust God as He thoroughly and wholly heals your heart.

A Life Worth Living

Many people try to hear from Jesus by expecting Him to speak to them through another person as He did in the old covenant. Some Christians still run to prophets to hear God’s word for them. Or they run to conferences for prophetic words. In the old covenant, people heard God speak to them through prophets. They heard God speak to them through a third party.

Today, there is no need for prophets to direct us. They tell us things to confirmwhat God has already placed in our hearts. That’s because in the new covenant, God says, “None of them shall teach his neighbour, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.”
(Hebrews 8:11).
You will see that this is true in the book of Acts. When the Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets and teachers there to separate Paul and Barnabas for the work He had called them to, it was no surprise to them. (Acts 13:1–3) It was just a confirmation.

Many today also expect God to speak to them directly in an audible voice. In the old covenant, that was how God spoke to the prophets. And that’s why some Christians still expect God
to speak to them in a deep booming voice like in the movie, The Ten Commandments. Only very rarely does He speak to us audibly today.

Under the new covenant, we hear God’s voice from within. We no longer rely on God to speak to us through a third person or in a clear, audible voice. Today, God tends to speak to us from inside us. If God wants you to call someone, He won’t say, “Call So-and-so!” Why? Because you and God are one. 1 Corinthians 6:17 says, “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”

From a book “Life Worth Living by Joseph Prince”

Faith Hope and Love


I want to encourage you today; don’t put your life on hold while you are waiting for something from God. There is life out there to live while you are waiting for your appointed time!

Waiting is part of life, and waiting well is a key to walking in His promises. No matter what you are waiting for, wait with expectation, wait in faith, and wait with worship in your heart. Trust that God is ordering your steps.


(Read 2 Samuel 13:1-15)

Most people don’t stay in love because we don’t understand what love really is, instead what we do we choose fate over faith, we choose convenience over convictions, we make decisions based upon chemistry instead of a commitment, we fall our feelings instead of the facts and we fall not in love but in lust.

It is so often the reason why we are broken in our relationships it’s because we are listening to the wrong voices instead of God’s word. Don’t take advice from people you wouldn’t trade places with; your clubbing or drinking buddies – they are not appropriate counsel, your aunty or uncle who is bitter after three or more divorces, your boss that you know he’s cheating on his spouse. Find out what God’s word says about relationships; Find a godly couple who have been together more than a day but have spend decades together serving God, not basically because they have a perfect relationship but, they know what it really takes to make it strong, they have been facing challenges but they aren’t giving up on each other.

Faith Hope and Love


So often we can get so familiar with something that we start to think that we know all that it can do. That’s why alot of us when it comes to relationships, we don’t realize how much that relationships have to offer. And many of us we have been viewing our relationships incorrectly. We don’t understand the real purpose of relationship hence we couldn’t figure out it’s outcome, that is, we will never receive what it could be or what it could become.

Relationships aren’t supposed to satisfy you, they are supposed to sharpen you. But if you want to destroy your relationship really quick, all you have to do is start to look at it from the lens of lust. Lust here i mean using someone as an instrument for your own satisfaction.

Faith Hope and Love



Many a times when we hear the word ‘worship’ being mentioned somewhere, our mind and thoughts tend to adjust itself to various phenomenon regarding the same. Sometimes our minds define worship as a slow song we usually hear in our Churches or being sang over different platforms, or that moment when our local pastor directed us to pray, or the amount you place in an offering basket, or volunteering in Church ministries like; Sunday school, Youth ministry, Ushering, Choir and so on. But these are just acts or expressions of worship and they do not define what true worship really is.

Webster’s Dictionary, 1828, define worship as to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission. In English dictionary; worship is the devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object. Is the religious ceremonies that express this devotion. Furthermore, John Tillotson (1630 – 1694) said that ‘the worship of God an eminent part of religion and prayer is a chief part of religious worship.

In other words, worship is not something we feel or seen through our expressions, is not the name we give some experience that we seek while singing, lifting our hands, closing our eyes or kneeling down. Worship is something we do with our whole of our bodies in all life. That is we can worship God through our speaking, singing, driving, eating, typing and many other ways. We worship God every time we perform an act out of a desire to draw attention to His greatness which has especially revealed in sending His Beloved Son as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sins.

In simple terms a true worship is defined by the priorities we place on who God is in our lives and where God is in our list of priorities. True worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of holiness that is obtained through grace. True worship is a valuing or a treasuring of God above all things. When we become Christians we automatically become worshippers of God and the rest of our lives is simply a brief preparation for what will be an eternal occupation; giving God grateful, wholehearted worship which will never be exhausted even in eternity.

Worship is the activity of glorifying God in His presence with our voices and hearts – we should worship all the time, everything we do in our lives should be an act of worship not just that 5 minutes or 30 minutes we are called in Church to worship before the sermon session, it’s not only that time we set aside on Sunday. Worship is the direct expression of our ultimate purpose for living to glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever; it’s the outwardly display of our inward belief and we are commanded to do it and it’s a privilege, honor, proper response to God – He initiates worship by revealing Himself to us, we then respond in worship. And the more we get to know Him, the better we can worship.


Have you ever said or you may have heard someone say. “Hey, have just left Church today and worship was awesome! They had a great band, all these sound instruments, the lighting effects… was just a great experience.” But what made it awesome? And how did worship get awesome? “Hey, today I left Church and worship sucked! They have this singer who was off key, messed up the words, they didn’t have any instrument and they also play tracks from a recorded DVD/CD, I even didn’t know any of the songs…I prefer the one we used to sing back in our village Church…” what make it sucked? And how did worship get sucked?